• Legal opinion referred to tax and social security issues on federal, state or local levels;

  • Due diligence report in order to verify pending tax and social security contingencies of companies to be acquired or sold;​

  • Tax planning specific to each business activity, aiming to minimizing the tax burden of the company;

  • Administrative and judicial litigation involving all tax matters, including defense of the company and of its managers in measures proposed by the Government which intention is to hold them responsible for any failure to comply with the tax law liabilities.

Tax Law
  • Companies’ constitution, joint venture agreements, shareholder’s agreements and all other corporate acts;

  • Due diligences for the acquisitions of equity interests, mergers, split-off, incorporation or transformation of companies;

  • Agreements, such as those referring to transference of technology; copyright license or assignment (including software); as well as to image license, and to real state matters.

  • Civil responsibility due to material or moral damages, caused by professionals, or by managers;

  • Civil responsibility due to damages caused to a company’s or someone’s image right;

  • Administrative and judicial litigation involving corporate issues.

Corporate Law
Administrative Law
  • Public Bids and Administrative Agreements;

  • Concessions and Public-Private Partnerships;

  • Authorizations for public services;

  • Use of public assets;

  • Restrictions to the property rights;

  • Government liability;

  • Regulatory Agencies;

  • Control of the public administration agents and their liability;

  • Administrative and judicial litigation, involving administrative law.

  • Succession planning and guidance, involving people’s assets, including last wills, donations, protective and restrictive provisions, aiming the conciliation of conflicting interests, etc.;​

  • Company’s succession planning and guidance (corporations or limited liability companies), including shareholder’s agreements;

  • Tax planning, aiming to minimize the tax impact on the succession settlement.